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We are hiring. Join us to save lives and create safer worksites. Explore our full-time, nationwide career opportunities.

Make a positive contribution to safety management by working with us to reduce risk, transform leadership safety oversight, and enhance safety performance. Make a lasting impact, whether you are just starting your career, a seasoned professional with many years of experience, a tradesperson who is looking for a career change, or a corporate office professional.

“When I started at HazTek, I felt like I was home.Feeling appreciated for hard work and dedication is not something you get everywhere… but it is here.” – Sue S.

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Partnering and providing

Competitive Benefits Package

We offer competitive compensation and a great benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, long-term disability, paid time off, 401(k), career development/education assistance, and more.

HazTek Inc. employees and their welfare are very important to the success of our company. Our long-range objective is the continuous development of a growing and prospering business through which both the employees and the company will benefit.

You’re here for us… so we’re here for you.

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Applying expertise

Travel + Diverse Experiences

We have opportunities available for those employees who want to travel and/or experience a diversity of projects and clients. HazTek has extensive experience representing all types of industry.

We have worked with many of the world’s largest and most respected construction management and general contracting companies throughout the world. From construction, renewable energy, data centers, and technology to manufacturing, environmental, aerospace, and pharmaceutical, we offer a range of opportunities to focus your skills on — and to continue grow your expertise.

“My career was started with HazTek 20 years ago.It triggered a long, wild, and amazing career which brought me all over the world and allowed me to be a part of so many amazing and world-changing projects. I’m glad to be a part of this team... sharing my experiences and learning from the stellar safety professionals alongside me.” – Jason O.

HazTek by the Numbers

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Over 2,500 Clients Served

Safety solutions for every type of client, from small contractors to large Fortune 100 companies.

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Industry Distinctions

Chosen by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies — 8 times.

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Specializing in Safety

Each year, HazTek performs over 3,000 worksite safety audits throughout North America alone.

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In-House Expertise

We have grown to over 300 employees, including over 275 full-time, qualified safety professionals.

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Focused opportunities

Professional Development

We invest in all of our employees by providing professional development courses, enhanced safety training, tier promotions, career enrichment opportunities — and access to training, certifications, and association memberships. The Professional Development Program is designed to help employees enhance their skills, knowledge, and abilities.

HazTek recognizes the need for employee growth and development. We encourage and support employees who are interested in advancing their careers and improving their professional development through continued formal education and other related opportunities.

HazTek Inc. - Two safety managers engaged in a discussion while walking through a HazTek job site.

Support and mentorship

A Network of Safety Colleagues

You’re not just a team of one. You have over 300 colleagues to reach out to for additional support and mentorship, especially as you’re learning the ropes here. You will have the benefit of an extensive network of other safety experts and industry professionals to rely on — every day.

If you have a question on processes, procedures, equipment, training, compliance, reporting, our services — or anything that would help you out in the field — your co-workers are available and eager to connect with you and provide advice, inspiration, and insight.

One team, one HazTek.

A Closer Look

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Who Are We?

We can support an existing EH&S staff or serve as an entire corporate safety department.


HazTek Inc. headquarters nestled in a serene landscape, symbolizing the base of operations for a leading safety consulting company.

Life At HazTek

At-a-glance snapshots featuring our employees, announcements, events, and safety tips.


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Client Testimonials

Our customers offer thoughts on our safety services and their experiences with our team.


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Our Case Studies

From construction sites to data centers, our case studies provide valuable industry insight.


“HazTek is a unique company...that meets a niche market by providing EH&S specialists for major companies, and for a variety of clients. I enjoy strong support from corporate offices and technical assistance, when needed. ” – Kirk D.