Building Safety Month | Week 3
May 13-19

May 13, 2024
Building Safety Month | Week 3<br>May 13-19

Week 3 of Building Safety Month shares a glimpse into the world of building safety professionals by outlining different roles and their responsibilities, as well as spotlighting how building safety professionals make a difference in their communities. We also provide examples of when you should call a building safety professional, specifically for permitting, home renovations or buying a house.

Who are Building Safety Professionals?

Building safety professionals are the silent defenders of public safety. They provide guidance and advice to architects, engineers, and contractors to help them bring building projects to life while ensuring safety for occupants and residents. Building safety professionals also help keep existing buildings safe by conducting inspections and adopting the latest building codes.

  • Include building inspectors of all kinds, building officials, plans examiners, permit technicians, fire marshals and more.
  • Train constantly to keep up with the latest codes and standards.
  • Enforce code compliance to empower and educate partners to embrace and integrate safety standards in their work.
  • Ensure that buildings are constructed to withstand the stress of everyday use.
  • Perform safety checks that protect your home from emergencies before fire, flood or disaster strike.
  • Support economic development by making our buildings studier, and therefore longer lasting.
  • Play a significant role in community planning decision making as a connection between government, business and built environment partners.

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