March 12, 2022
Clock reminder of Daylight Saving picture

In observance of the start of daylight saving time this weekend, most people living in the continental U.S. will “spring forward” by moving their clocks ahead one hour. Note: Arizona does not observe daylight saving time, with the exception of a few areas within the state.

The start of daylight saving time can cause people to lose an hour of sleep as their bodies adjust to the time difference. It can take one full week for the body to adjust sleep times and circadian rhythms. These sleep disturbances are associated with higher health and safety risks for several days after the time change. Sleep deprivation puts everyone in danger and increases the risk for making an error that can cause a vehicle crash or other accident. Workers should consider reducing demanding physical and mental tasks as much as possible to allow for the time adjustment.

Daylight saving time is also a time to consider replacing the batteries in your smoke detectors. The long-standing “Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries” campaign encourages the public to change their smoke alarm batteries when moving clocks ahead in the spring and turning them back in the fall. Because smoke alarms are a critical element of home fire safety, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) supports all efforts to reinforce the importance of working batteries.

Credit to: CDC, NFPA

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