Distracted Driving Awareness Month | April 2023

April 3, 2023
Distracted driving awareness safety consulting visual

Every April, the National Safety Council (NSC) observes Distracted Driving Awareness Month to prioritize #RoadwaySafety. We’re observing DDAM to help make our roads safer for us all.

At least eight people a day are killed in distracted driving crashes. Handheld and hands-free phone calls and texts, emails, social media, passengers, snacks, and even built-in vehicle touchscreens are just some of the distractions fighting for your attention on the road.

It’s important to handle distractions before you drive. While you’re still parked:
Program your route
Set up your music or podcast
Silence and put away your phone

Observe Distracted Driving Awareness Month by taking the NSC #JustDrive Pledge to drive distraction-free: https://www.nsc.org/pledge

Credit to: NSC

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