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HazTek’s C.J. Beysselance Published in CURT’s The Voice Magazine

November 22, 2023
CURT, The Voice Magazine image

Kudos to C.J. Beysselance, HazTek’s Vice President of Operations, for being published in CURT’s The Voice Magazine’s 2023 Q4 edition. His article, “Safety Starts with Strong Leadership,” is extremely informative and explores the most effective leadership styles to foster a safe work environment.

In the article, C.J. writes that everyone involved in a construction project needs to work together since safety is a team sport. He explains how the only way to make a project successful is for companies to align on a common safety goal with every worker on site. C.J. goes on to say that “safe project outcomes can be achieved through true partnership amongst the owner and all stakeholders in the construction project.”

You can read the article in its entirety in The Voice e-magazine on pages 16 – 17: http://flip.matrixgroupinc.net/curt/2023/issue04/#page=16