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Fall Safety Solutions

April 20, 2022
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HazTek is excited to introduce our new Fall Safety Solutions division which offers our clients fully customizable fall protection services and training, as well as a truly consultative approach to designing, specifying, and purchasing fall protection products and systems. Our new safety division provides a complete suite of fall safety solutions — while our in-house experts and strategic partnerships broaden HazTek’s capabilities.

To support our new division, we recently announced a partnership with Tractel and their safety brands BlueWater™ and Fabenco™ in late 2021. Since that time, we have also established new partnerships with Garlock Safety Systems, Safewaze, Safe Approach, and Palmer Safety, which allow us to provide an extensive catalog of fall protection products and systems directly to our clients.

HazTek’s team of experts has extensive experience and provides vast expertise when recommending and delivering the best fall protection system(s) for our clients’ unique situations. Our fall safety experts provide comprehensive assessments and evaluations, program development, training, system design, engineering, testing, certification, and even installation of fall protection systems.

Learn more about HazTek’s new Fall Safety Solutions: www.haztekinc.com/services/fall-safety-solutions

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