June 28, 2022
HAZTEK SIGHTINGS THE VOICE safety training image

HazTek’s Director of Strategic Accounts C.J. Beysselance was recently interviewed by The Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) for the cover story of CURT’s The Voice magazine. The article, titled “Protecting Our Greatest Assets: Our People,” appeared in Issue 2, 2022, of The Voice.

The article begins by discussing the importance of training as a way to help the construction industry move to zero injuries and zero deaths on projects. The article also talks about the monetary price of not investing in safety and Beysselance is quoted as saying, “Safety has a huge return on investment so long as it is fully integrated into an organization’s normal business processes; safety is not something that can be turned on and off.”

Also discussed in the article is the impact of mental health on project safety. A true focus on safety must include the element of mental health. Beysselance reflected, “Over the last two years, I have witnessed a real groundswell across the sector — from the contractors to the owners — that recognizes mental wellness as a serious problem, and the construction industry is starting to take action to address it. As an industry, we’ve all had to step back and make some changes so that we’re there to help everyone.”

CURT has continued to advocate for greater safety standards in the construction industry and Beysselance points out, “CURT allows owners, contractors, and specialty vendors to openly and honestly share their concerns about safety. Associations like CURT are important in breaking down the proprietary walls and bringing everyone down to a level playing field — that’s what CURT is all about.”

The Voice is the official magazine of the Construction Users Roundtable, in collaboration with the Construction Industry Institute (CII). To read the full article, see pages 10 – 13 of The Voice, Issue 2, 2022, here: http://flip.matrixgroupinc.net/curt/2022/issue02/#page=10

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