HazTek Spotlight | Jarrod Tomassi

May 20, 2022
Safety professional Jarrod Tomassi picture

HazTek is spotlighting Safety Professional Jarrod Tomassi who joined our team last year and works out of our Strategic Accounts group. Jarrod has worked in the oil and gas industry, construction, and offshore operations, and he served in the U.S. Army and in the California National Guard. He has been to 22 countries and one of his more unusual work experiences includes piloting submersibles for tourists in the Cayman Islands. Jarrod earned his master’s degree in occupational safety and health/environmental management at the age of 40 and he has several different certifications, including his CSP. Fun fact, Jarrod appeared in all 13 episodes of Sci-Fi channel’s “Destination Truth,” Season 2. Thank you for your service, Jarrod — we’re happy to have you on the HazTek team!