HazTek Spotlight | Scott Schaefer

February 16, 2024
Safety professional Scott Schaefer picture

HazTek is spotlighting Safety Professional Scott Schaefer who joined our team last year. Scott is a 20-year Army veteran. He developed infrastructure in countries such as Haiti, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. After leaving the military, he started in the construction industry and transitioned into safety when he noticed a lack of leadership on project sites where he worked. His time in the military made him passionate about safety — he takes great pride in have an estimated 3,600 soldiers under his command that made it home to their families. Additionally, Scott is multilingual and speaks English, Lakota, Spanish, German, Korean, Farsi, Pashtu, some French, and some Gaelic. He is a quarter Native American, a quarter German, a quarter Irish, and a quarter Norwegian, so the only language he never picked up on from his heritage is Norwegian. There’s still time! Three of his grandparents were immigrants and would compete on who could teach him the most about his heritage. We’re thrilled to have you aboard, Scott!

If you'd like to join our team, visit: https://careers.haztekinc.com/search?st=va