HazTek Veterans | Spotlight on Robert Harman

November 8, 2023
Safety professional Robert Harman picture

This week, HazTek is featuring several of our employees who have served — or continue to serve — in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Safety Professional Robert Harman (pictured below, in center) served as a Specialist E4 in the U.S. Army for three and a half years. Robert joined the military because he was headed down a dark path in life and needed a new opportunity. One day, his mother left him the business card of a recruiter. Robert would like to thank that recruiter, Sergeant Lardell, who helped Robert see a better path for his future. Robert did two tours in Iraq and was a heavy equipment mechanic, as well as a paratrooper who completed about ten airborne jumps. One of his favorite memories is meeting country singer/songwriter Toby Keith and shaking his hand. Robert learned how to stay cool under pressure during his time in the military — a trait that helped him in his safety career.

We are privileged to work with all of our veterans, and we appreciate the significant contributions that they bring to our company. Thank you for your service, Robert.