Industries Served at HazTek

February 26, 2024
Industries Served at HazTek Safety professional picture

HazTek has extensive experience representing all types of industry. We understand how to work in coordination with in-house staff and are familiar with owner safety cultures, programs, and expectations. From big companies to small operations, HazTek adjusts to fit the necessary requirements. We know safety from all angles and are skilled in applying lessons learned in diverse applications to the specifics of the project.


The inherent dangers of construction sites can be compounded by the varied environments where contractors must apply their skills. HazTek has extensive experience and a proven track record of success with civil, mechanical, and electrical contractors of all sizes working within a wide range of industries. Many HazTek health and safety professionals are former craftsmen with in-depth knowledge of the industry-specific challenges you face, enabling them to employ safety solutions that keep your employees safe and your project moving.

Data Centers

Many members of our dedicated team of safety professionals have Mission Critical / Data Center, Electrical, and Project Management backgrounds, which results in outstanding support for our clients’ safety needs. We have full-time Operations Managers to ensure quality service and personnel management support for field staff and clients. Because of our ability to mobilize personnel to projects quickly — as well as the ability to ramp up or scale back resources as necessary — clients will have all their safety needs covered.


As environmental remediation and engineering firms work to restore or protect our environment, HazTek works to ensure that projects proceed safely. We’ve managed safety programs at Superfund sites, manufactured gas plants, landfills, refineries, water treatment facilities, and power plants. HazTek also provides safety management services in support of underground work and during disaster response and recovery efforts following hurricanes, spills, fires, floods, tornadoes, and other disasters.

Facility Owners

Facility owners involved with construction projects face many challenges when protecting the health and safety of employees and workers at their facilities. As Owner’s Safety Reps, we understand how to work in coordination with in-house staff and are familiar with reinforcing safety cultures, programs, and expectations. In addition, we are experienced in representing subcontractors of all tiers who are working under an owner’s rules. This gives us a unique perspective on subcontractor management and strengthens the effectiveness of our contractor safety services.

General Industry

Every company faces environmental health and safety concerns on a daily basis with lives, reputation, and finances at stake. Whether the challenge is employee morale, adequate staffing, training requirements, or compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, HazTek can offer customized support. We provide experts, experience, and knowledge to improve and enhance your EH&S management systems and create a culture that is highly effective in protecting the wellbeing of employees and businesses.

Life Sciences

HazTek has over 26 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry and can partner with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device organizations to make their projects safe and successful. We employ accomplished safety professionals with Life Sciences backgrounds who have electrical, steel erection, underground utilities, and equipment installation experience. Additionally, our team offers expert collaboration with dynamic safety planning for the facility — with a keen understanding of the rigors of drug development and manufacturing regulations, both in the U.S. and internationally.


The inherent dangers of construction sites can be compounded by the varied environments where electrical contractors apply their skills. From pharmaceutical and manufacturing facilities to refineries, chemical plants, and power plants, HazTek offers the site- and industry-specific expertise needed to protect the wellbeing of employees and businesses.