Keeping Workers Safe from Construction Focus Four Hazards

April 10, 2023
Construction site hazards safety training image

Millions of Americans work in the construction industry, leading to safety risks daily. According to OSHA, the Construction Focus Four Hazards are:

  • Fall Hazards
    Anything at your worksite that could cause you to lose your balance or lose bodily support and result in a fall
  • Caught-In or Between Hazards
    Injuries resulting from a person being squeezed, caught, crushed, pinched, or compressed between two or more objects, or between parts of an object
  • Struck-By Hazards
    Injuries produced by forcible contact or impact between the injured person and an object or piece of equipment
  • Electrocution Hazards
    Results when a person is exposed to a lethal amount of electrical energy

To prevent these hazards, OSHA offers the following advice to keep construction workers safe from each of these hazards.

1) Fall Hazard Prevention Tips:

  • Understand your company’s written fall protection plan
  • Use fall protection equipment, such as guardrail systems, safety net systems, and personal fall arrest systems
  • Inspect fall protection equipment before use and make sure it fits properly
  • Practice safe ladder use
  • Attend and participate in fall protection training

2) Caught-In or Between Hazard Prevention Tips

  • Use machinery that is properly guarded — never remove a safety guard when a tool is being used
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry that can be caught in moving parts
  • Disconnect tools when not in use, before servicing, and when changing accessories such as blades, bits, and cutters
  • Be aware at all times of the equipment around you and stay a safe distance away from it
  • Protect yourself on excavation sites by not working in an unprotected trench that is 5 feet deep or more

3) Struck-By Hazard Prevention Tips

  • Ensure that heavy equipment and motor vehicles are working properly
  • Assess hazards within the work zone that would affect the safe operation of hoisting equipment such as power lines and objects that would be within the swing radius of the swing equipment
  • Erect barriers to mark the area covered by rotating superstructure to warn workers of the danger zone
  • Ensure that all hand tools are maintained in good condition
  • Wear proper PPE, such as head protection and eye protection
  • Ensure eye, face, and head protective equipment meets ANSI standards

4) Electrocution Hazard Prevention Tips

  • Maintain a safe distance from overhead power lines
  • Use ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI)
  • Inspect portable tools and extension cords
  • Use power tools and equipment as designed
  • Follow lockout/tagout procedures

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Credit: OSHA