Re-Evaluating COVID-19 Plans for Construction Companies

July 16, 2021

HazTek Director of Technical Services Kevin McMahon, CIH, recently had an article published in the June issue of the American Subcontractors Association’s The Contractor’s Compass magazine. In the article, Kevin discusses the need for construction companies to re-evaluate their COVID-19 plans to be consistent with CDC and OSHA guidelines which are frequently updated as the re-opening continues and the pandemic changes course.

Throughout the article, Kevin refers to the 2020 AIHA Focus on Construction Health: COVID-19 guidance document on which he had collaborated with members of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Construction Committee. The AIHA guidance document covers how exposures can occur and which construction exposures are likely to be low, medium, and/or high risk.

Construction companies need to pay close attention to all of the changes surrounding COVID-19 guidance, and maintain their safety plans. In The Contractor’s Compass article, Kevin cites Job Safety Analyses (JSAs) as one important component of COVID-19 plans. JSAs are outlined in the AIHA guidance document as step five of a practical seven-step strategy for reducing and controlling COVID-19 hazards on the job site. A JSA is a valuable planning tool to aid in identifying preventive measures for specific work activities and it can readily be updated as conditions surrounding the pandemic change.

To view Kevin’s complete article in the June issue of The Contractor’s Compass, go to:

To read more about Kevin’s collaboration with members of the AIHA Construction Committee to develop the AIHA Focus on Construction Health: COVID-19 guidance document, see our 2020 article:

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