Ladder Safety Month | Week 2
Inspection and Maintenance

March 12, 2024
Ladder safety inspection and maintenance safety consulting visual

Ladders are useful tools that, when used properly, serve as a safety system for climbing. However, working at an elevated height presents additional risks, so it’s essential to properly inspect and maintain your ladder. Here are a few reminders of what you should be addressing:

  • Always verify that all safety information labels are fully attached and are legible
    • Labels which are not fully attached, missing, or not legible can lead to misuse of the ladder, resulting in serious injury or death
    • Understanding of the ladder duty rating and ensuring duty rating is clearly visible on the ladder will avoid issues caused by overloading the ladder
  • Thoroughly inspect the ladder to ensure it is in good working condition by checking the following areas of the ladder when purchased and prior to each use
    • Locks and spreader braces
    • Steps and rungs
    • Rails
    • Connections and fasteners
    • Ropes and pulleys
    • Feet, safety shoes, and other safety equipment
  • If a potential hazard is found, contact the manufacturer for replacement parts
  • Always use manufacturer approved replacement components and follow instructions provided
  • Never attempt to fix the ladder with unapproved components or methods
  • Where replacement components are not available, the ladder shall be destroyed

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