Ladder Safety Month | Week 4
Safe Positioning and Climbing

March 25, 2024
Safe positioning and climbing ladder safety consulting visual

Week 4 of Ladder Safety Month focuses on safe positioning and climbing. Below are tips on how to do so:

Safe Positioning

  • Confirm that the ground where the ladder is set-up is firm and level, or use approved accessories such as ladder levelers
  • Ensure all ladder feet are firmly in contact with ground surface and both top rails of non-self-supporting ladders are firmly in contact with upper surfaces before climbing to avoid instability or slip issues
  • Ensure the top three rungs of a single or extension ladder are extended above any upper surface where access to that surface is required
  • Never adjust or move an extension ladder from above – only adjust the length and placement from the ground. Ladder locks can be disengaged, foot placement cannot be ensured, and ladder angle cannot be verified when adjusted from above

Safe Climbing

  • Always maintain three points of contact while climbing by keeping two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand in contact with the ladder
  • Climb slowly and deliberately and avoid sudden movements
  • While ascending or descending the ladder, always be attentive to what you are doing and your surroundings
  • Use towlines, a tool belt, or an assistant to convey materials so that your hands are free when climbing
  • Do not overreach, lean, or pull the ladder sideways while working
  • Never attempt to move a ladder while standing on it. This can result in issues with balance, stability, and slip. It also damages the ladder and can cause premature wear
  • Ensure that you are in good health; not influenced by drugs, not tired, dizzy, or prone to losing your balance before using the ladder

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