Leading Safely™ | A HazTek™ Podcast
E13: Patti Rubnitz | Current HazTek Career Opportunities

October 15, 2023
HazTek Leading Safely™ safety professional podcast picture

Patti Rubnitz, HazTek’s Senior Corporate Recruiter, joins Chris Bellina on Episode 13 of our podcast. You can listen by using this link: https://leadingsafelyahaztekpodcast.buzzsprout.com

During the episode, Patti discusses current HazTek career opportunities in the northeast region, the greater Virginia area, and the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. She explains what these open positions entail and what the requirements are for obtaining these jobs.

Patti and Chris also highlight the many advantages of working with HazTek, including great pay, job stability, medical, dental, and prescription benefits, company 401K matching, growth opportunities, travel opportunities, and many more. Patti encourages anyone interested in a career in safety to reach out to her (prubnitz@haztekinc.com) or visit HazTek’s career page to see all of our current openings: https://careers.haztekinc.com

Patti has been working at HazTek since 2011. In her role as Senior Corporate Recruiter, she seeks out talented safety and corporate professionals to join our growing team — which now consists of over 300 employees. She has a background in human resources, management, and workplace safety, with over 25 years of combined experience.

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