Leading Safely™ | A HazTek™ Podcast
E15: Herb Strong | Preparing for OSHA Inspections

November 15, 2023
HazTek Leading Safely™ safety professional podcast picture

Herb Strong, HazTek’s Client Services Manager, joins Chris Bellina and Matt Clark on Episode 15 of our podcast. You can listen by using this link: https://leadingsafelyahaztekpodcast.buzzsprout.com

During this very informative episode, Herb Strong, HazTek’s Client Services Manager (and former OSHA compliance officer), discusses the steps that safety professionals should take when preparing for an OSHA inspection. He goes over the various types of OSHA violations — de minimus, other-than-serious, serious, and willful — and what companies can do to avoid these violations.

Herb has been working at HazTek for 12 years and has over 50 years of experience in safety. Before working with us, Herb was the Principal Owner of Strong Consulting services as well as an OSHA compliance officer — making him an expert on this episode’s topic.

Because of Herb’s prior experience as an OSHA compliance officer, he offers our audience inside information on best practices when going through an OSHA inspection. He recommends that safety professionals keep all safety records readily accessible and to take advantage of any safety trainings that are available. Herb also explains why it’s beneficial to always follow OSHA and site safety regulations — not just during OSHA inspections.

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