Leading Safely™ | A HazTek™ Podcast
E23: Ray Stupienski | Safety Q & A

March 15, 2024
HazTek Leading Safely™ safety professional podcast picture

HazTek Employee Programs Advisor Ray Stupienski joins Chris Bellina for a special Q and A episode of our podcast. You can listen by using this link: https://leadingsafelyahaztekpodcast.buzzsprout.com

Since the launch of this podcast in June 2023, our listeners have been emailing safety questions to our email (podcast@haztekinc.com). On today’s episode, Ray Stupienski answers these important questions for the audience. The questions range from how to get started in the safety industry to what the best certifications are to obtain as a safety professional.

Ray’s years of experience in the safety industry make him a wealth of knowledge on this topic. He answers each question thoughtfully, adding in stories from his experiences in the field and at home. Whether you’ve been listening from the beginning or are a new listener, this episode is one you’ll be eager to share with fellow safety professionals.

You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts and anywhere else that you get your podcasts (find the show by searching for “HazTek” under "Podcasts.") We hope you tune in and enjoy!