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E8: Laynnea Myles | Felt Leadership in the Safety Industry

August 15, 2023
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Laynnea Myles, Assistant Vice President of Environmental, Health, and Safety at L’Oréal, joins Chris Bellina and Matt Clark on episode 8 of our podcast. You can listen by using this link: https://leadingsafelyahaztekpodcast.buzzsprout.com

Laynnea is an EHS professional who motivates, energizes, and empowers people to shift their mindset from EHS being viewed as a priority to it being viewed as a value. During the episode, Laynnea explains “felt leadership” and how it helps every worker, from top to bottom. She discusses the many benefits of having members of senior leadership being engaged with every member of their team.

Laynnea also talks with Chris and Matt about the strategies she uses at L’Oréal to make the project sites safer and offers advice for leadership members — including using the “milk carton test.” Her years of experience in the safety field make this an incredibly insightful episode.

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