National Safe Digging Month | April

April 24, 2023

Every year, the construction industry celebrates National Safe Digging Month (NSDM) in April. During the month, campaigns and activities focus on promoting safe digging to the general public and professionals nationwide. The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) highlights the importance of safe digging by offering resources to members of the alliance.

According to CGA, the societal cost of damages to underground infrastructure is 30 billion dollars a year. For comparison, that dollar amount is equal to half the Housing and Urban Development budget and double the annual U.S. law enforcement operations budget.

40% of active diggers don’t contact 811 before digging because they think their project is too shallow to require it, but utilities can be buried just inches below the surface. The only way to know for sure is to contact 811 before any digging project.

On the job, backhoes contribute to more damages than any other digging equipment. Before workers jump in the cab and work gets started, make sure 811 has been called and the underground utilities have been marked.

811 “Call Before You Dig” was created to provide homeowners, businesses, and contractors with a nationwide, easily accessible resource to contact before digging starts. When you call 811 you are automatically routed directly to your local 811 call center.

To learn more about CGA and their resources on National Safe Digging Month, visit:

Credit: CGA