National Safety Month
Week 3 | Heat-Related Illness

June 19, 2023
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This third week of National Safety Month, June 18 – 24, focuses on raising awareness and preventing heat-related illnesses. The National Safety Council (NSC) offers various resources on staying safe and healthy in the heat, whether you are at home or at work.

It’s important to know the facts on these types of illnesses and weather-related deaths and injuries. According to NSC, over the last five years, weather-related deaths are up 35% from 2017, while the number of weather events have increased 7% and injuries have decreased 15%. In 2021, 61,105 weather events resulted in 974 deaths and 1,667 injuries. Winter weather, heat, and floods were responsible for the most deaths during 2021.

Below are the available resources from NSC on heat-related illnesses:

  • Stay Safe in the Heat Tip Sheet
  • What’s the UV Index?
  • Help Older Adults Stay Safe in the Heat
  • Access to the NSC first aid app
  • Children in hot cars online training in English and Spanish
  • Hydrate for Good Health
  • Working Safely in the Heat: What You Need to Know
  • Tackling Heat Stress Hazards

To access the resources listed above, visit:

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Credit: NSC

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