National Safety Month
Week 4 | Hazard Recognition

June 26, 2023
Hazard recognition safety consulting visual

To end National Safety Month, the National Safety Council (NSC) is focusing on hazard recognition from June 25 – 30. Recognizing the hazards around you at home, work, and your community is essential to staying safe.

Every two minutes, preventable injuries cause 1 death and 236 injuries. Even in familiar surroundings, we need to constantly be looking for dangers around us throughout our day. Keeping an eye out for hazards can help you identify and avoid them before an injury occurs. Looking at the world through this safety lens can help you protect yourself and those around you.

Keep an eye out for hazards using the following resources from NSC:

  • “Being Safe Means Being Alert – All the Time” Tip Sheet
  • Safe Selfies
  • Avoid Medication Mishaps
  • Avoid “Gamer’s Thumb”
  • Help Prevent Clothes Dryer Fires
  • Teen Driver Safety tips

In addition to these useful resources, NSC also offers various articles from Safety + Health magazine on topics such as effective accident investigations and recognizing hidden dangers, as well as a guide to hazardous plants and animals.

To access these resources, visit:

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Credit: NSC

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