Nick Addesso and Anthony La Manna
Volunteer Firefighters

June 22, 2022
Safety Professional Nick Addesso and Consultant Anthony La Manna picture

Thank you to Quality Assurance Manager Sue Stager who shared these photos from a recent wetdown event that she attended for the Upper Greenwood Lake Volunteer Fire Company in West Milford, NJ. HazTek Safety Professional Nick Addesso and HazTek Consultant Anthony La Manna both serve as volunteer firefighters for the fire company, where Anthony also serves as Captain. As part of a tradition that dates back to the late 1800s, neighboring fire companies attended the wetdown event and used their firefighting equipment to christen Upper Greenwood Lake’s newest fire engine with water.

Pictured below, top to bottom and left to right: Firefighters from a neighboring fire company, wetting down the new fire engine; Upper Greenwood Lake volunteer fire station; Nick, Sue, and Anthony next to the new fire engine; Nick and Anthony