Our Site Stories | David Pruske and Austin Edwards

May 8, 2023

Thank you to HazTek Safety Professionals David Pruske and Austin Edwards for participating in Safety Stand-Down events in San Antonio, Texas, last week. The events included sharing life events that underscored the importance of utilizing fall protection and the consequences when they are not used. Presenters also demonstrated proper gear inspection, and how to don and fit PFSA’s properly. The site team provided breakfast tacos with the attendees. Austin Edwards and David Pruske shared their gratitude to the site for a continued job well done on improving fall protection awareness.

HazTek is proud to have led Safety Stand-Down events last week — on our clients’ behalf — at various job sites and work locations throughout the U.S.

The National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction was a construction safety event that occurred May 1 – 5th, to help raise safety awareness in the construction industry.