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February HazTek Anniversaries

February 1, 2024
Congratulations to all of our HazTek employees who celebrate their anniversaries in February!
Bob Sauselein | 20 Years!
Safe use of a snowblower safety training image

Safe Use of a Snowblower

January 31, 2024
Using a shovel to remove snow from workplace parking lots and sidewalks is strenuous and can lead to cold stress, dehydration, injuries, and heart attacks. Read more...
Eye safety training image

Industry News | Eye Safety

January 30, 2024
In our recent Safety-In-Review e-newsletter, we featured an article from EHS Today titled, “Clear Vision: Safeguarding Construction Workers Eyes on the Job.” The article covers the types of eye injuries that occur on jobsites, as well as safety tips for workers and employers. Read more...
HazTek Safety Professional Career Opportunities picture

Immediate Safety Career Opportunities in the Northern Virginia Area

January 29, 2024
Are you looking to make a change in your safety career? HazTek has several exciting opportunities in the Northern Virginia area — including Sterling, Ashburn, Manassas, and Gainesville. Read more...
Safety professional Dan Dewar picture

HazTek Spotlight | Dan Dewar

January 25, 2024
HazTek is spotlighting Safety Professional Dan Dewar who joined our team last year. Dan has a diverse work background, including construction, prison systems, oil refineries, and fire services. Read more...
Creating a contractor safety management plan safety training image

Creating a Contractor Safety Management Plan

January 24, 2024
Those in the construction field — owners, general contractors, and subcontractors — know that having a safety presence on project sites is a crucial factor to protect the team and should include a contractor safety management plan. However, creating a contractor safety management plan must include participation from everyone. Read more...
HazTek Safety Professional Career Opportunities picture

Northern Virginia HazTek Career Opportunities

January 23, 2024
If you’re looking for a career change, HazTek has immediate safety career opportunities in the Northern Virginia area! These openings, in the data center industry, are for seasoned safety professionals with at least one year of experience overseeing construction safety. Read more...
HazTek Director of Construction EHS Mike Kenyon picture

HazTek News | Mike Kenyon Joins Our Team as Director of Construction EHS

January 22, 2024
HazTek is thrilled to announce the addition of Mike Kenyon as its Director of Construction EHS. Mike brings 20+ years of experience primarily in the Construction industry working within commercial, life science, oil / gas, government, utility, and general industry sectors. Read more...
Struck by object hazards safety training image

Struck By Object Hazards

January 19, 2024
Employers have a duty to provide a safe work environment for employees. That includes compliance with OSHA rules, providing safety training, and making safety a top priority – from the CEO to the newest hire. Read more...
Safety professional Steve Clay picture

HazTek Spotlight | Steve Clay

January 17, 2024
HazTek is spotlighting Safety Professional Steve Clay who joined our team last year. Steve has been working in the safety industry since 1986 and has worked worldwide — including every U.S. state, Iraq, Kuwait, Dubai, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and numerous countries across Asia. Read more...

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